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Effective Advocacy Matters

When your rights and resources are on the line, you need a skilled advocate by your side. For over a decade, our team has been fiercely committed to helping our clients solve their legal problems by giving them the best possible defence. If you’ve been accused of wrong-doing, don’t wait. Our lawyers will help you secure the best possible outcome at the earliest opportunity.

Where Criminal & Employment Law Intersect


Are you an employer in need of an Investigation?

Are you a professional facing allegations of misconduct?

Are the police involved in your case?

Hiring separate firms for criminal and employment issues is costly and time consuming. You need one firm to address all of these matters. Most firms can’t. We can. That’s why more regulated and non-regulated professionals, organizations and businesses choose us to solve their legal problems.

Schedule an appointment today to learn about how our comprehensive services could help save you time, reduce your financial investment, and preserve your professional reputation.

Effective Advocacy to Protect Your Reputation

Experience You Can Trust

We are an established and respected firm in Toronto, Ontario, conducting trials and hearings all over the province for more than a decade. We have successfully represented clients in a wide range of matters including criminal, civil defence and workplace investigations.

Innovative Solutions to Every Legal Problem

We leave no stone unturned when it comes to investigating your case and helping you navigate complex legal problems. We work tirelessly to devise creative solutions that will give you the most favourable outcome. More regulated professionals choose us because our comprehensive services eliminate the need for multiple firm involvement.

Proven Results

Our track record speaks for itself. We’ve helped hundreds of clients find positive resolutions in their cases while minimizing the disruption to their lives—in some cases having charges withdrawn before the necessity of trial.


Legal Advice & Crisis Management

If you’re involved in a crisis, call us immediately.

We provide legal advice and recommendations to individuals and businesses about their legal rights and responsibilities. We strive to empower our clients with information to make decisions that align with their interests both during and after a crisis has occurred.


When our clients decide to cooperate with police, we provide them with counselling to help them preserve their own interests. Additional related services include document reviews, witness interviews and negotiations with relevant authorities.

Trials and Litigation

We frequently represent clients charged with criminal, quasi-criminal and regulatory offences at trial. While the idea of facing trial can initially seem intimidating for our clients, we provide the guidance and support they need to face the courts with confidence.


Our firm routinely represents clients at all levels of court, including the Ontario Court of Appeal, the Superior Court of Justice and the Supreme Court of Canada. Our long standing reputation with judges and prosecution works in conjunction with the innovative legal strategies we develop to get our clients the best possible results.

Client Reviews

At Greenwood Law, We Get Results. Your Satisfaction is Our Priority

Jessyca is really professional, and intelligent lawyer, she always find the best strategy short and long term. The moment she took my case, everything change for the better, and it was solved in the best possible way. I recommend her 100%.

- Carlos V.

Jessyca is the most awesome, caring, and compassionate person I ever met. My criminal case outcome was really important because it would have directly impacted my custody battle over my child. It was a very complicated case, but she took her time and listened to my whole story. In the end, my criminal charge was dismissed thanks to Jessyca’s professionalism and hard work so that I could concentrate on my custody battle. I was able to get back my life (my son) thanks to her. Thank you Jessyca.

- Derya

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At Greenwood Law, we know you’re eager to put your legal concerns behind you and move forward with your life and career. To do that, you need experienced advocates on your side. But with many law firms and lawyers to choose from in the Toronto area, it can be nerve-wracking finding one that has the experience, dedication and grit to fight for you and win.

For over a decade, we’ve delivered results-driven litigation at all levels. We know the law, we don’t cut corners, and we aren’t intimidated by the courts. We believe no one should have to worry about receiving inadequate support or advocacy when they need it. That’s why we dedicate our practice to having a client-first approach empowering you with the information, guidance, and defensive strategy you need to navigate the next steps.

Call us today so you can stop worrying about the outcome you don’t want and start working towards the one you do. Rest easier knowing you have an actionable plan and expert defence committed to protecting your interests.

3 Steps To Our Strategy


Call or complete our online form to schedule an appointment. We will meet to go over the details of your case and address questions you may have about the process and immediate next steps.


Our lawyers will thoroughly assess your case and documents to provide you with an accurate quote as well as triage any immediate issues. 


Once hired, we’ll begin advocating for you immediately. We will create and initiate a defence strategy to get you the best potential result at the earliest stage of proceedings—so that you can move forward as expeditiously as possible.

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Greenwood Law is a boutique criminal defence law firm based in Toronto, Ontario. We are Toronto’s only crim-ployment law firm providing expert legal advice and defence to professionals and businesses facing allegations of misconduct. For over a decade, we have helped our clients navigate the legal system and avoid criminal convictions. We represent clients at all levels of court in a wide range of criminal matters including sexual assault, civil defence and workplace investigations.

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